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MISSION: To assist under privileged communities in the Piedmont-Triad areas to unify in enhancing and improving conditions in their children’s education, health-wellness and the prevention of gang violence, teen pregnancy and drugs; in order to thrive where they live.

VISION: To continue to be an unbiased partner in the implementation of strategies to achieve community and organizational goals.

was established through service and passion for communities in the Piedmont-Triad areas to become more proactive and productive, C4C through serve to our fellow man, our neighbors and local businesses provides a more unified front among neighbors and friends. In having a presence and giving back in neighborhoods that are usually neglected while taking the opportunity to be acquainted with the people who live there, C4C has gained a community trust. Listening to their needs, complaints, issues and concerns, C4C takes action and gets involved to provide answers and solutions. Especially the children who have a need to express themselves in more positive ways; C4C reaches out to the school systems to mentor young students to make good grades, have better school attendance and as an incentive, C4C collaborates with the school and other non-profits to provide fun day events, free treats and prizes for the children’s participation.

Seeking to do even more, C4C also mentors young men, both in the schools and in the streets. Encouraging them that they have the potential to do and be anything they were willing to put their minds to. Empowering men who had served time in the prison system with information resources that will assist them with second chances for education, jobs and improving family relations.

C4C FITNESS PROGRAM challenges all ages to become more health conscience by sponsoring runs, walks, providing dietary programs, health-checks and a fun variety of health related competitive challenges.

C4C uses the leadership the communities, churches and governing officials to form bonds inside the community by inviting them to come out to speak in the neighborhoods, to share their own experiences, become mentors, volunteers and support systems to those who felt they had no voice.

Coalition 4 Community has established itself among the people as a trust worthy and needed presence wherever they have an opportunity to serve.